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Air Duct Sterilizer without Ozone. 15 Watt

Air Duct Sterilizer without Ozone. 15 Watt

Installed in the heating-air system a UV treats the air circulating throughout the home. UV’s purify with UV-C, germicidal rays, which penetrate an organism’s cell walls; germs and viruses cannot build up immunity to this physical attack. UV disinfection has been used in hospitals and health care facilities for decades to control the spread of diseases by both purifying the air and sanitizing medical tools. In US government buildings the use of UV is now required in all heating and cooling systems.

Installation: Mounts easily and quickly in new or existing HVAC air duct of a heating - air conditioning systems. The Unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Energy Consumption: The energy used by the Aqua Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer is the same as a standard 15 watt light bulb.

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Air Duct Sterilizer without Ozone. 15 Watt
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