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25 Watt Swimming Pool Stainless Steel

25 Watt Swimming Pool Stainless Steel

Pool Volume in Gallons 6,000 max flow 20 gpm

Using UV is a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly method of reducing chemicals and their resulting bi-products.

UV is a proven method to kill bacteria and viruses reducing the volume, cost and side effects of chlorine by 75%. Chlorine reacts with organic compounds creating by-products like chloramines and THM (trihalomethane). Chloramines bring about the typical chlorine smell as well as skin and eye irritation. These compounds also damage pool equipment. THM can be taken in through the skin or the lungs and is considered as a trigger for respiratory problems. UV light leads to the destruction of chloramines effectively reducing these side effects.

Item #: A00198
SP 25 Watt Unit 3-in. S/S Body 2-in. Inlet/Outlet 240v/60Hz
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